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Nike+ Sportwatch Review

The Nikeplus Sportwatch has been a great motivator for me; the first time I uploaded my data to Nike’s site, and watched my run show up on the screen I was amazed.  I liked the idea that my next run would be an opportunity to match or improve upon my last run.  I knew this watch waas going to give me useful information but it gave me motivation as well.

I have a friend who is a much better runner than I am.  He runs as many marathons as he can but he works in Iraq so he doesn’t get a whole lot of opportunities. He has the Nikeplus Sportwatch as well and truly loves it.  He uses the heart rate monitor features on the watch as well as the others.  He had a hard time getting the watch to lock on at first but after the first GPS lock he said he has not had any problems.

The nikeplus website is also a very user friendly website.  It is easy to navigate around and look at all the different info for your runs.  The part I like too is that you can set up virtual runs with other people.  With me being kind of competitive I like being able to race other people who live on the other sire of the country.
A few features that I really like:

1) The Nikeplus Sportwatch looks very clean and we all know it’s all about the looks

2) The GPS is very accurate when compared to higher end Garmin handheld GPS.

3) Along with the GPS the shoe pod that comes with the watch is very nice if you end up losing GPS signal because of weather or something. I have ran in the rain numerous times though with this watch and have not lost signal yet.

4) The Nikeplus website is very useful as well. That is basically the main feature of this watch since all the data is transferred to the website. You can look up all your previous runs on a map. it is a great tool.

5) The only con that I have is that sometimes the Nikeplus Sportwatch doesn’t sink to the website. It does after a couple of runs but as of now Nike is still trying to work that bug out.

Overall this has been a great purchase and I am glad that I bought it. I know $200 sounds like a lot but I think that the Nikeplus Sportwatch has helped me improve my training and therefore my runs times have gotten faster.